Landscaping Adds Value!

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Let Your Landscaping Pay You Back!

In both uncertain financial times, and prosperous times, a well landscaped yard is still one of the best investments you can make! It not only adds value to the home, but can also make your home easier to sell. Recent research has shown consumers valued the same home with good landscaping 11% higher than the same home without good landscaping. For a $300,000.00 home that’s approximately $33,000.00 more that your home is worth because of a nicely landscaped yard. A nicely landscaped yard can have a cost recovery value of 100 to 200% at selling time.

Creating equity in your home isn’t the only way to get monetary value out of your landscape. Look at some of the other benefits that can save you up to 20% and maybe even up to 50% on your heating and air conditioning costs by strategic landscaping around your home:

  • Evergreens and other dense trees in the proper position around your house can lower your heating bill by 10 – 20%.
  • Shade trees can provide enough shade to your home to cut your cooling costs by as much as 15 – 35%.
  • Even the grass in your yard and your neighbor’s yards cools your community and saves everyone on air conditioning costs.

Of course your landscaping can provide you much more than just monetary value. Your landscaping is working around the clock to keep you and your family healthy and vibrant. These are some other benefits to think about when considering how valuable your landscaping is to you as well as your home:

  • Trees, Shrubs and Turf absorb dust, dirt, and other gaseous pollutents in the air that can be harmful to our health.
  • Trees, Shrubs and Turf convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. One tree can convert 26 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide into 13 lbs. of oxygen each year. That’s enough to provide for a family of four.
  • Gardening can be its own weight loss program helping you tighten your belt strap and staying healthy.
  • Gardening is found to be relaxing, mind clearing and very rewarding. It’s a stress reliever.

So much is made of the going green movement and being environmentally friendly but you can do your part right at home and why not make it valuable to both you, your home, your environment and your world.

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