Three Reasons to Sell This Winter in Kansas City

Written by Bill White on . Posted in Selling

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Many clients ask, “Should I leave my home on the market during the holidays?” My response? Absolutely, you should keep your home listed. There are advantages to selling during this time of year. Here are the top three:

1. There’s less competition. There are fewer active sellers on the market. Many sellers remove their home during the holidays season. This helps your property stand out to prospective buyers.
2. January is the biggest transfer month. Most corporate moves happen during the beginning of the new year. Employees are being transferred and need a new place to live quickly. If you removed your home from the market, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to market to this pool of buyers!
3. Most of the buyers during this time are serious. They’re determined and motivated, even through the cold weather. Warmer months attract window shoppers, while the winter brings out the best buyers.


If you have any questions about selling a home during the holidays, or anything about real estate, give me a call or email today! I look forward to hearing from you.

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